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In 2015 I was an Air Traffic Controller “pushing tin” for the Federal Aviation Administration. I had no thoughts about real estate, other than the houses that I had owned. I grew up in a family that spoke real estate around the dinner table, but I had no desire to go into real estate.

2 years later, I was ranked in the Top 250 agents in the United States as reported by Real Trends and the Wall St. Journal.


6 months after that, I was out of production.


How did I go from a new agent to a nationally ranked agent in 2 years? Better question, how did exit production after only 2.5 years in the business?

Well. It all came down to my positioning in my market. I was the area expert.

In this course, I’m going to show the exact way that I built out my website, built out my social media, and most importantly, got so hyperlocal that I was impossible to miss.

I literally walk you through from start to finish how to create hyperlocal content that will help convert leads and increase your organic lead generation and conversion on your website.

I show you how to use your social media to engage with people in your area, get them to share your posts like wildfire, and how to use local businesses to grow your following.

This one course can literally change the direction of your business by increasing your trust value with potential leads, increasing the number of organic leads you’re getting, and drive down your monthly advertising costs… ultimately saving you money, while making more money. 

Most importantly, it starts moving your marketing in the direction of generating trust, increasing the number of quality leads you get, and reducing the junk.

This course, combined with my Youtube Domination and my FSBO Sniper are 3 of the big reasons that I went from a new agent to a nationally ranked agent in 2 years.. and the main reason I exited production after 2.5 years in the business.

Area Domination Strategy


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