Meet Brett

Brett Baker was born and raised in Southern California. Growing up in a family where real estate was spoken around the dinner table, he soaked up knowledge about the industry for almost twenty-five years. His father was a successful real estate broker, and watching him own and manage multiple franchises got Brett hooked on real estate, though it took him a while to realize that. Swearing he wouldn’t follow in his dad’s footsteps, he struck out on his own path in the aviation community, becoming a type-rated pilot in airplanes and helicopters and an air traffic controller at a few of the busiest airports in the United States.

Brett is also a serial entrepreneur with a background in web and print marketing. His success comes from utilizing technology to develop systems and build processes – lessons he learned from his aviation career. In 2015, he made the jump into the world of real estate because he felt the industry was stale, boring, and stuck in the past, and saw an opportunity to exercise his entrepreneurial creativity. He built an incredibly successful team in Washington State, operating off the phrase “Boldly Different” – the standard he wanted to set for his agents and himself.

Brett is a marketing guru and excels at creating extremely effective and valuable marketing campaigns that get noticed. He was mocked – and then envied – for his neon pink branding and guerilla marketing tactics, which garnered national attention in the industry. He is the definition of cutting-edge in real estate, utilizing tools, systems, and methods that are not available to anyone but his team. In fact, he’s been the beta tester for more than one hundred real estate products that are not yet available to the public.

Brett has been recognized multiple times by RealTrends and The Wall Street Journal as one of the top 250 agents in the US, with RealTrends naming him as the number four agent in the State of Washington, as well as the number one agent in his market. He is also a two time multi-category best selling author in the business, marketing, and real estate spaces.

After exiting production in 2019, he’s adjusted his focus to helping agents take their real estate businesses to entirely new levels. He is currently the owner of Brett Baker Coaching Systems, where he offers private coaching for real estate agents and business owners. Specializing in systems, processes, and marketing, he’s helped over 3,700 agents and 940 business owners experience rapid growth in their businesses.

Outside of real estate, he remains an aviation addict; both he and his wife, Aurora, are pilots, spending their “free time” exploring the backwoods of Alaska by air – from mountain bush flying in their bush plane to exploring remote lakes on floats and glacier landing in helicopters. They’re also the owners of a whole flock of dogs and are currently banned from the local rescue shelter because they’ve adopted the limit of canine companions.